Thursday, December 10, 2009

Messy Fun - Scissors & Paper

We haven't done any activity using the scissors due to the previous experience we had I've stopped allowing the kids to use the scissors without my supervision.

Earlier this week, Tim requested for the scissors and I thought why not let them train up on those fine motor skills.
The amount of focus that I witnessed on both kids that day was amazing!
They both sat down quietly cutting the paper to shreds and could continue at it for a long while.
Little Missy even learned about shapes. As she cut, she told me it's a triangle...
Then she got playful and started showing me her new "mouth"...
It was a mighty mess as always hee... but I made them clean up (with my help along the way). This activity kept them unplugged from the TV for over an hour... not bad huh? hee...

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