Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Kid Had Fun...

We visited the Hollywood Dinosaurs exhibit at the Jurong Bird Park this morning and to be really honest, I weren't too impressed. However, Tim, had a great time amidst the dinos that he has always been very fascinated with. This trip was made for him, so I shan't make too much comments on my thoughts about the exhibit.
At the entrance of the place, Tim couldn't resist putting his hand on the display of Triceratop's head.
We walked into the place of dinos with lots of huge dinos (live-size) on display.
At the cave Tim saw many different breed of dinos...
Checking out the 'moving' tail of this dino...there was realistic yet scary sound effects that went along with the exhibit. Little Missy spent 90% of her time in this cave with her eyes closed... :P
Baby dinos... totally adorable!
The engine behind all the moving dinos in the hollywood movies... the kids had an opportunity to control the dino... at one point all three kids wanted to be at the control... *smile*
Fierce dino in the cage... not sure why this T-Rex was caged but it sure looked fierce...

I certainly wouldn't pay to enter this place of exhibit again, but I am just grateful that Tim enjoyed it tremendously. Now we are planning to work on a lapbook on dinosaurs as requested by Tim :)

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