Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Kids, don't they just love bubble bath? Tim just can't have enough of it!

This is no ordinary bubble bath, it's a hydrobath. We all know children are prone to respiratory track problems (such as runny nose, asthma, bronchitis etc)... so I had Tim sit in the tub of warm water, filled with eucalyptus aromatherapy oil and with the aid of the hydrobath (with ultrasound, far infrared rays & ozone), it helps to build up his immune system as well as to prevent Tim from falling prone to respiratory related ailments.

I'm glad to have been introduced to this product that the entire family could benefit from... many who have used this product testified to its effectiveness in building up their health, relieving pain, stress, and some even shed off the extra kilos that they've always been wanting to :)

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Rose said...

I soak in hydrobath before. Pretty relaxing, it is like people massage you or in jacuzzi. It is very expensive to install into the bathroom.