Monday, December 14, 2009

Activities On Home Ground This Week

This week we had it easy though I try to pack the mornings with activities so that the kids wouldn't run amok and tear the whole house down just because they are bored stiff.

On Monday, we took a morning nature walk round our neighbourhood and it turned out to be a real pleasant one. The kids rode on their bicycles and they had the opportunity to check out the tiny little nature around them...
We discovered a star fruit tree that was standing alone and bearing lots of fruits albeit teeny weeny little ones. I encouraged them to pick up those that had dropped on the ground and observe the fruit closely. To smell, touch, feel and to see... they in turn asked me a lot of questions (which was what I was encouraging - to have a curious mind, to ask, to find out and to think).

What a great way to learn... am sure we'll check out our neighbourhood more as we do our nature walks... :)

I've recently bought them each a rain coat, hopefully the rainy days wouldn't be a thundery/lightning-filled one... the kids would be really excited if they could play in the rain... pity we don't have snow here otherwise it'd be a different kind of experience... we can still enjoy nature, regardless!

It's the season of Christmas once again... and each year I just don't have the desire to decorate the house very much simply a case of laziness hee... I'd love to decorate the house but it'll be a chore to clean and pack up the decor... so every year we just let all the festives run past us without much bother about decorating...

However, I recently checked out a link that my friend Evelyn shared in her blog and decided to give this a try since it's rather simple and when the festive season is over, all I need to do is just clear them all into the bin *grin* (love it!).

Though the making of this paper plates christmas tree was simple it sure took me some time to get the elements all ready especially the folding of the centre flowers.

Nevertheless, the joy and thrill in the kids was the best reward of all that time consuming prep work.

Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart... and during this Christmas season, I'd like to dedicate this song to all of you :) enjoy!

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