Thursday, November 26, 2009

Simply Homecooked - Braised Chicken

Recently, hubby and I were discussing about keeping his family's favourite recipes that have been passed down by my mother-in-law. Since my mother-in-law's retirement from the kitchen, many of her wonderful secret recipes have only been passed onto my sis-in-law's previous maid (who has already left for Indon)...and only partial of her recipes are taught to my helper.

I'm fortunate to have my helper teach me how to make braised chicken today. It's really my first attempt in making this dish... I guess there is more room for improvements so here's to share the recipe with all of you...
Ingredients required -
1kg Chicken Winglets
20gms Galangal (blue ginger root)
A few stalks of Spring Onion (chopped into thirds)
2 Bulbs Garlic (separated into cloves; chopping is not required)
2 Star Anise
1 Cinnamon Stick
1-2tbs Sugar (1 tbs if you prefer it to be more savoury)
2tbs Rice Wine
6tbs Dark Soya Sauce
3 Cups Water
First, caramelize the sugar under low heat, adding a tbsp - 2 tbsp of water as the sugar caramelized.
After which, add in the remaining water and stir lightly. Adding all the spices and all the rest of the ingredients except the chicken winglets. Bring the gravy to a boil and add the chicken winglets into the pot. Turn down the heat and stew for an hour. Remember to stir occasionally so that all the chicken winglets are braised nicely and evenly.
Serve with white rice or even chinese porridge (糜). You may also use the same sauce (gravy) to braise pork if you prefer.

Not too difficult to prepare, but of course it takes time to perfect this dish to my mother-in-law's standard :)

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