Thursday, November 05, 2009

学华语 (Part II)

Our progress in learning chinese is slow... sometime earlier this year I shared about my plans to teach the kids chinese. We didn't achieve very much till recently (about a month ago), hubby, decided that we MUST speak mandarin on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday of the week. Even when the kids responded in English, we (hubby & I) continued to speak in mandarin to them.

It's been over a month now, and the kids are definitely picking mandarin up much faster and easier. So it's true that the environment plays the biggest role in nurturing the kids to learn their mother tongue.

We've noticed that both Tim & Little Missy are not resistant rather they are more enthusiastic to speak a few mandarin words in our daily conversation (albeit with an 'ang moh' accent, if you know what I mean). Other than speaking to them in mandarin, we've also made them watch their daily dose of Nick Junior & Disney channels in mandarin on days where it's a chinese day. We sing a lot of chinese nursery rhymes and it sure was more fun to pick up the language this way for my two kids.
I've recently cleared out a section of our bookshelf to contain the learning aids that I've made so that the kids have better access to them at anytime they want. Within the learning aid boxcontained a lot more Montessori's 3-part cards in Chinese.
Here's one of the learning aid that Little Missy is practicing on. The 3-part cards contained a picture/word board and matching picture and word cards. Through this exercise, the child will get to hear how the word is being read, it helps with eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination as well as a gentle start in word recognition.
Here's the 3-part cards on numbers & quantity which Tim practiced on.
After selling so many of the weather & day of the week chart, I finally made one for ourselves. I was more keen in teaching Tim about the chinese words than the days of the week, to be honest.
After using this chart for 2 weeks (kids really do learn through repetition), Tim, was able to recognize the word 晴天 (fine weather) and he placed it accurately against the weather of the day *beaming mama*

I am working on a plan to make learning chinese more interesting by adapting some of the suggested activities in the chinese storybooks as well as the workbooks I've bought from the Popular Bookstore. Hopefully, that will help the kids learn chinese in a painless way... *smile* will share more as we go along, so stay tuned!


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

I love the idea of repetition! What a wonderful way of learning!!

Joyce Long said...

That is a lot of encouragement for mommies...and you have done so much for yr kids in HS...

btw i have set my blog private and email you for the invites..let me know if you din receive it..