Saturday, November 07, 2009

I'm So Blessed & Loved!!!

During my 4 days in the retreat in Kuching, I was missing my children a lot. They said, absence made the heart grow fonder, well, it's true!

On the last evening of the retreat, hubby sent me a text message that melted my heart instantly!

Little Missy, prayed for me to have a safe trip back home... isn't she a sweetheart? *sigh of contentment* I am so blessed and I feel so loved!


wolfgirl said... sweet..

Angeline said...

Its a reflection of how much Mommy is treasured isn't it?
Mommy, you are ENGRAVED into her heart now....

Dawn said...

thats so sweet. Melts your heart doesnt it? I have been praying with Caleb every night before he sleeps and before eating, but he doesnt seem to know how to pray by himself. Any tips? hehe

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Dawn, yeah she's a real sweet heart... :)

When I first started praying with Tim before meals and before bedtime, he wasn't keen in praying too. But through repetition and consistently praying, Tim eventually picked up the habit. It was only when Tim almost turned 3 that he started saying grace independently.

Girls' tend to pick up language much faster as I've observed...I didn't do much prompting nor "teach" Little Missy how to pray she just picked up along the way as I prayed with Tim.

The tip is, consistency and patience hee... if Caleb likes to sing, you might want to learn how to sing some prayers with him, one of my friends used that method :)

jean said...

this is the joy of your labour towards your children..well done, Pauline!