Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Atlantis City

With two restless and hyperactive children at home it is hard to keep the temper down... so the best way to expend all those pented up energy in the kids is to bring them to a playground.

Some days ago, my friend, Evelyn, shared about The Atlantis City, in one of our MSN chats and I was reminded that I've been to this place some years back (that was when Tim was around 1 yr old), for a birthday party. Without further adieu, I decided that the kids will have an indoor playground to play in.
After visiting Polliwogs, the kids just can't have enough of indoor playground so this is a perfect place to bring the kids to if you don't want to burn a huge hole in your pocket. The entrance fee (for kids) to this place is a mere $5 per hour, and if you purchase a concession of 5 sessions at one go, it's only $4 per hour.
We've been to this place twice in two weeks. It's a nice cosy place (not as huge as Polliwogs but sufficient to provide the fun that the kids need). There's a ball pit, a huge slide, a few swings and a gym area...
The kids enjoyed their games in this little playground and I think it's all well worth the effort of travelling all the way to Alexandra Road.
There's no need to put on socks at the play area so we the parents don't have to spend $5 for a pair of socks should we forget to bring a pair along... :)
The play area is safe, hence I had the chance to just sit and watch them play from afar without having to fuss around them.

I'll give this place two thumbs up! Do check it out!

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Dawn said...

sounds good! I will def love to visit the place!