Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Simply Homecooked - Table for One

Tuesday is the day that I always look forward to...simply because it's my "off-day" of the week. Off-day from all mommy duties! *smile* It's also a day when I get totally lazy too... so on such off-days I'd either have brunch or just settle for something simple during lunch.

However, today, I felt a little more energetic and was into making something special for myself. Pasta Aglio Olio has been my all time favourite... and I made myself a plate of it this morning...
I've all the ingredients ready... the beauty of preparing homecooked food is you add anything at any amount you like *grin*... I love portabello mushrooms and prawns...so these are the must have's in my pasta :) added chopped garlic, tomatoes, chicken ham and red cut chilli.
Being a diabetic, I try to consume staple food that are whole wheat (as the body takes a longer time to digest such complex carbohydrates ie. it doesn't turn into sugar in our body immediately)... so the pasta I used today is whole wheat... this takes a slightly longer time to boil but it is just as tasty!
Stir-fry the garlic and red chilli in olive oil for a while, then add in mushrooms and prawns followed by the rest of the ingredients (including pasta). A pinch of salt to taste and stir-fry for a while more before serving.

The verdict was simply YUMZ~

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