Thursday, October 29, 2009

I’m A Mom : His Natural Defenses, My Peace of Mind

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I’m a typical mother, one who puts my children’s overall well being as a top priority. From their diet, to the shampoo they use and every single other detail of their lives, I always keep a watchful eye.

There were times when the kids fell ill and the pain that I experienced as I witnessed the pain they have to go through fighting those viruses and diseases – it was unbearable for me to see them suffer. I had secretly wished to be the one who was sick instead.

In order to have a peace of mind that Tim & Little Missy are happy and healthy everyday, I work hard to keep those natural defenses up. It has since been built into my system as a habit to ensure that they are properly taken care of from top to toe J

I’m a very busy mom, and to be sure that I am confident in my children’s well being, I keep a check list of what are they to eat, drink, use, wear, play in my mind all the time. I am blessed to have a great helper who understands my concerns and have been working alongside closely to ensure that all of the kids needs are taken care of.