Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm A Mom: Being a Protective Mom & Tips to Boost Our Kids' Natural Defences

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Being a protective mom, I’ve always been fussing around my children a lot… ensuring that their meals are taken care of on time, having my eyes peeled on them to make sure they are safe while playing at the playground. Keeping the environment at home clean and neat. Always cautioning them about crossing the roads, climbing up the furnitures at home etc… it seemed like an endless long list of worries, that’s just me having my “protective mom” mode on all the time during the time that I am awake.

Hubby said I’m being over protective towards the children which might stifle their growth. I need to learn to let go and not be too over anxious however, there’s one thing that I’ll not compromise on that is their health and building up on those natural defences.

Ensuring that the environment is clean is of utmost importance to me. Building up the good habits, in the children, of washing and cleaning up after themselves was something I’ve started early. Opportunities of running and playing about in the playground to work on those large motor skills and exercising is another big thing for us. Afterall, exercise and keeping a healthy body is the fundamental of building up those natural defences.

Being a mom, it’s not a 24/7 job, but it’s a very fulfilling career J nothing beats watching and growing with my children… I will certainly not give up being a mother to my two children for the world.