Tuesday, September 22, 2009

We Were @ the Pasir Ris Park

T'was a beautiful sunny day yesterday, a perfect day for some good outdoor fun... decided to bring the kids to the Pasir Ris Park... we did not know what to expect as it was our first visit to the place... have heard and read so much about it... but because it was quite a long ride to get there have procrastinated on the visit.

It's not until we've seen it for ourselves, we wouldn't believe the size of the playground. It was GIANORMOUS!!! Tim and Little Missy were frozen for a while... they stood with amazement not knowing where to begin *LOL*
I like this playground much better as oppose to the one at the West Coast Park. It's more (young) kids friendly I thought... and the bright attractive colours... that's a real draw no kids would ever resist wanting to put their hands in it... the kids had a wonderful time at the playground running from one play area to another... too spoilt for choice just couldn't make up their mind which one to be at... *wink*
Little Missy was being Little Miss Fussy yesterday... couldn't bear with a little sand in her sandals... wanting to be carried most of the time as we walk through sand pits *faint*
It's a great park, alas, there wasn't any fast food restaurant nearby. Even the vending machines were out of drinks... so be sure to BYO drinks and food if you plan to visit the place.
I thought this was quite a sweet little scene... while waiting for lunch to be served, Little Missy decided to give her cousin a kiss to show her affection *smile*

Oh how we love the outdoors!!!


Denesa said...

My kids and I have been frequenting the outdoor and I always find it easier and more relaxing for all of us to be in the outdoor than in the shopping mall. Pasir Ris Park is a good place for cycling too and is there also pony ride?

Mama Bliss said...

the kids were so engrossed at the fun they found at the playground didn't notice pony rides... but we did see a lot of people cycling :) it's really a great place for families...albeit a tad too far for us to go there often.

Rose said...

I love the last picture. They are so adorable.......

Ing said...

Hey, we were there on Monday too! But were cycling... otherwise might have seen you all there. :)

J@n!ce said...

We went there last Sunday afternoon. Then we dropped over to the nearby Gallop Stable. The boys had so much fun feeding the pony :)