Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We Love the Outdoors

We were once again back to the East Coast Park... today we didn't go to the Polliwogs, instead we went cycling. This is in fact the kids' first time cycling out of home :) 
Little Missy was thrilled that she could ride on a bike by herself and won't have to fight with her brother over who was to ride on the bike first ;)
We were really happy to have Caitlin join us on our outdoor fun once again... it's the school holidays this week, but we don't really see a lot of people at the East Coast Park today... so it was nice and easy for the kids to cycle up and down without fear of getting bumped into *smile*

The two older kids were very proficient in their large motor skills and hence they were way ahead of Little Missy... while I had to pull Little Missy as I stroll along the pavement cos she's unable to paddle forward *faint* 
Didn't take a lot of pictures today as I was busy chatting with Mommy Adeline... I simply love play dates... teehehe... yes, I do have vested interest when I arrange outings for my kids... *grin*

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Joyce Long said...

fun outing!!!

Lots of sunlight and wind for the kids to enjoy the breeze. Wonderful experience for these kiddos : )