Saturday, September 26, 2009

Simply Homecooked - Moon Cake Making Craze

Some four years ago I put my hands into making a batch of snow skin moon cake... it was my first attempt... I still remember vividly how excited I was and imagining how well the moon cakes will turn out :P much to my dismay, the snow skin turned out too thick and what we ate was a mouthful of snow skin and not the filling *eeewww*.... And hence, I didn't try it again... for the fear of wasting money and time...

This time, I was inspired by MamaSeah after her sharing of a very simple snow skin moon cake recipe. I decided to do a quick research on the various snow skin moon cake recipes that were out there on the internet... found a few tips here and there and in no time, I made my very own snow skin moon cake!
This is in fact, my second batch of snow skin moon cakes in 3 days... hubby gave me the thumbs up that this batch was better than the earlier one. The skin was much softer and the filling taste better with melon seeds added into it.
A full egg yolk in almost everyone of the snow skin moon cakes that I've made...

Here's my recipe (modified from various sources).
Ingredients -
500gms Phoon Huat Premix Fried Glutinous Rice Flour (糕粉)
60gms Hong Kong Flour (usually used for making 包子)
50gms Fried Glutinous Rice Flour (for dusting)
110gms Shortening
200-225ml Ice Water
2tbsp Fresh Milk
800gms Lotus Paste
50gms Melon Seeds
18 Salted Egg Yolks (optional)
*500gms of Fried Glutinous Flour made 18 medium size snow skin moon cakes

Method of Preparation
(Salted Egg Yolks)
- Drain the liquid out of the salted eggs
- Add 2 tbsp of oil onto a plate
- Place the egg yolks onto plate and steam it for 10mins
- Set it aside after it's cooked

(Moon Cake Skin)
- Rub shortening into flour mixture till it looks like coarse meal
- Add Milk & Ice Water a little at a time till you get a soft dough that doesn't stick
- Cover & leave the dough in a cool dry place (or refrigerate it) for up to 30mins
- Scale & Weigh 35gms per portion (depending on the size of your mould; you've got to trial & error on this)

- Mix lotus paste with melon seeds
- Scale & Weigh 40gms per portion (including egg yolk)

- Wrap each portion of filling with a portion of snowskin
- Roll it into a ball
- Press it into the mould
- Smoothen the base of the moon cake
- Knock it out of the mould
- Chill before serving


mamaseah said...

wow!! urs looks soo pretty!! no crack lines. well done and looks yummy too!

Mama Bliss said...

teehehe thanks dear... it was all my helper's work... i do all the "talking" only heh heh

Denesa said...

The mooncakes look good and like those professionally made:) Thumbs up!

Mama Bliss said...

Thanks Denesa :) *blush*

Shirley said...


Can you pls advise how to prevent the snowskin from hardening up so soon?

Mama Bliss said...

Hi Shirley, the reason the hong kong flour is added is to keep the snow skin softer. Have you added that when preparing the dough? Mine still remains soft after 3 days w/o having to put into the refrigerator.

Either that or when during preparation time, insufficient water or shortening is added. So you'd have to moderate the amount of the ingredients during preparation.