Monday, September 07, 2009

Reading to Little Missy

Being a lover of reading, I'm quite happy that I've raised 2 readers at home... though they can't really read the words on the book just yet, they've developed the habit of picking up a book and thumbing through it...
I started reading to Tim since he was a few months old; it was only recently that I started to read to Little Missy "seriously". She has exhibited more readiness in being read to for a longer duration... whereas previously she could hardly sit still for 2secs... *smile*

I was introduced to Shirley Hughes quite a while ago... I love the illustrations and love the simple everyday life that's portrayed in the lives of the characters in the book. It's very heartwarming and definitely close to heart to the kiddos... 
I was happy that Little Missy took to the stories of Alfie, Olly and Lucy & Tom quite well as compared to Tim. Perhaps the stories were a little more "girly"? We borrowed a few from the library as most of Shirley Hughes' books are out of print... so if you wish to read it to your child, you might find them in our libraries.

If you are interested to buy some of Shirley Hughes' books you might want to search the Home Library, Angie Maniam, carries quite a few of those books :)

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