Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm A Mom: Imagine I'm Not There All The Time

To me, the worries and concerns of a mom started not after my kids were born, rather it began way before I was expecting them. I could still remember how I’ve packed up on those folic acid and other supplements before and during my pregnancy then.

My children’s health and overall wellbeing is of utmost importance to me. I remember how paranoid I was whenever there was a flu pandemic going on or even the recent H1N1 flu that’s happening, I tried to keep them at home or we won’t venture to places where there were huge crowds. Avoiding such places at all cost.

The kids were rather blessed to be healthy and happy. However, things took a different turn when Tim was being sent to school earlier this year. He began to fall sick at least once every month and often bring back flu, cough bugs and other viruses that spread like wild fire at home. So the two kids were playing flu and cough bug tag literally every month and my purse was drained dry because of those medical bills. At that time, I often wondered if I had done the right thing by sending Tim to school, exposing him (and indirectly Little Missy) to viruses and germs that his body wasn’t ready to fight against.

Since then, I’ve decided that the prerequisite of having a strong and healthy body is to build up on those immune system. So that even when I am not with them I don’t have to wonder or worry about the dreadful flu and cough bugs or even worst some other unknown viruses they would be exposed to.

On a daily basis I ensure that their meals are home cooked and pack with nutrition. While we don’t consume organic food, I still believe that the kids’ diet should consist of loads of fibre (vegetables and whole wheat snacks), vitamin C (a wide variety of fruits and freshly squeezed juices), essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 & 6 (fish & cod liver oil) and probiotics (cultured milk), and these are exactly what the kids are being fed everyday.

On days that I have to leave them in the care of my family or helper, I am no longer worried nor anxious because, today, I am proud to say that my two kids are healthier. They fall sick lesser and are definitely happier…