Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Little Quiet Book

Mystery unveiled!!! The Fun Little Quiet Book has finally been completed...and it was an immediate hit with the two kids... *smile*
Discovered this Quiet Book idea while googling and net surfing... most of the quiet books I've come across were made of felt/fabric which I thought would take me forever to complete making one... decided... to tweak it a little and made this paper quiet book instead...

The idea of Quiet Book was to provide the kids with something fun to do while the mom or caregivers needed to attend to other matters... some even use such quiet books to occupy the younger ones while the mom/caregiver homeschool the older kids... I thought that was quite a brilliant idea!!!

Since I have been creating learning aids I have already thought of putting all the elements in one bag so that the kids could have all the fun stuff stored within one bag and can pull out anything that they fancy to play with anytime they need to. Now I can put the learning aids into a small little booklet and carry it along with me whenever I need to bring the kids out...ain't that cool?!?
I used very simple activities to put this book together... had wanted to test it with the kids to see if the activities would really keep them interested...
The activities were simple enough even Little Missy could work on them... *wink*

This is a prototype, but I am planning to make more to sell at the shop once there are orders of it coming in :)


Kin said...

Hi mambliss,
That looks like a great book!! I would really be interested to get it since my girl is not in school and I've an older one to coach everyday!!!(My younger girl used to attend TP 2nd session, so I found your son very familiar....)

mamabliss said...

Hi Kin,
Oh what a coincidence, your little girl was also in the church's kindy? *smile*

Sure, if you'd like to have a set of the Quiet Book, please email me at thanks very much! :)