Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Simply Homecooked - Bakes

Amidst all the busy work that awaited me, I squeezed time during the day to bake some yummies that I've been dying to bake for a while...

Here's a Beef Pie, that I've dreamed, thought about, and fantasized about making... finally decided to take some actions and stop all the dreaming, thinking and fantasizing...
It isn't perfect but it sure tasted YUMMY... teehehe... *chest beating*...

Beef Pie
The recipe is so simple you do not have to be a culinary expert to be able to prepare this dish, I'm serious!!! I used the quiche's pastry dough for this dish. As for the filling, it's simply -
400gms ground beef, 1 big white onion chopped, 1 packet of mixed vegetables, 1 tbsp worcester sauce, some ground black pepper. Fry them all up and place it into the baking pan with the dough all lined in the pan and bake for 20mins... voila!!!

Love this one dish meal...so easy and simple to prepare! *smile*

A few weeks ago, while I was at Jenny's place, I ordered 2 pizzas from a nearby pizza cafe and was immediately in love with the mix of toppings... decided to bake them myself... *grin*
And on National Day, we had pizzas for our dinner while we watched the NDP... here's what I've used.

The dough's recipe is from here. However, instead of hand kneading, I dump all the ingredients into the bread maker... (was feeling lazy). The recipe for this pizza dough could make two 12" size thin crust pizzas.

Spinach & Bacon Pizza
You will need a packet of spinach bought from the supermarket. Boil and chop it.
Cut Bacon (I used bacon back, less fats) into large pieces
Mozerella Cheese
1/2 tsp mixed herbs (you may use only rosemary if you like)
Pasta Sauce
- Add pasta sauce on rolled out pizza dough, then add a generous amount of cheese
- Spread the toppings with spinach first followed by bacon and another layer of cheese
- Sprinkle the mixed herbs
- Bake for 20-25mins on 220C

Mushroom & Chicken Ham Pizza
You will need some portabello mushrooms sliced and fried with chopped garlic.
4-5 slices of chicken ham cut into large pieces.
Mozerella Cheese
Pasta Sauce
- Add pasta sauce on rolled out pizza dough, then add a generous amount of cheese
- Spread the toppings with mushrooms first followed by ham and another layer of cheese
- Bake for 20-25mins on 220C

Easy Peasy!!! Try it, it's very simple...and definitely YUMMILICIOUS!!! :)

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Rose said...

I love beef pies.......they smell and taste heaven.