Monday, August 31, 2009

New Artful Lil' Hands (again!)

A new season of Artful Lil' Hands will commence this week after taking a few months' of hiatus, we are ready to start again...

Once again, we'll run base on themes and we are about to enter into a new fun time with these tiny wonders of the earth... Ants...
Here are some of the elements that I've prep for THE day... am not letting the cat out of the bag here so this is just a teaser of the fun we will be having *wink*
Ant hills I've created from scratch... a bulletin board for the kids to play and learn math... *smile* am seriously very satisfied with this learning aid that I've made... *beaming*

There are still vacancies for Thursday and Saturday's class... so drop me a mail at artfullilhands[at]gmail[dot]com if you are interested to join us. It's designed for kids age 2yrs - 3.5yrs old. More details on FAQ and about the playgroup can be found here Artful Lil' Hands.

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