Saturday, August 01, 2009

Learning Aid

How's my new Days of the Week and Weather chart looking this time? *smile* I've modified it a little from my very first one. It was a special order made for my friend Evelyn.

Yes, I am venturing into working on handmade Learning Aid. I find it pure joy to be making stuff like I've made countless such learning aid for Tim in his journey of home learning... some were Montessori inspired others were made for lapbook-ing. It's nevertheless, able to captivate the kids' attention and certainly make teaching & learning more fun than running through dry text & work books... *wink*

So if you are too busy or simply don't have the inkling in making such stuff and are interested in purchasing, please hop over to my Lilhandmade Shop. I'll be putting up more Learning Aid stuff on sale soon.


Rose said...

Interesting, Mamabliss, you are making good progress! Keep it up!

Michelle said...

I think it's really cool what you are doing and you are just about a fine example to a lot of mothers out there today. I think these days we'd hardly see anybody with such motherly dedication. keep Up the Good Job :D