Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch of the Day

We were at the Bottle Tree Park today... though it may not be new to a lot of you, it was certainly our first visit to the place and we LOVE it!!! *smile*

True to the heart of learning in a "kampong" environment... I certainly love the "nature" part of the place where the kids were exposed to so many different learning opportunities.

Learned that this Bottle Tree was imported back from Australia and it's cost the owner of the place quite a lot to bring it back... read their story here.
There was a little farm where there were lots of fruit trees, vegetables and even a teeny weeny live farm where hens were laying eggs, goose were honking away and quails were chirping... in a concrete jungle like ours, such exposure to the city kids is absolutely rare...
At the vege & fruit plantation, we saw cucumber, tomatoes, radish, carrots, beetroot, star fruit, pomelo, egg plant, kang kong, cai xin... and soooooooo much more that I can't possibly list them all down... I was bowled by it myself as I've never seen sooooooo many different types of vege & fruits still grown on trees or the ground... all I ever seen of these stuff are already harvested and on sale in the market... *blush* am a "mountain tortise" myself... muahaha

The thing that intrigued the kids most is the experience in long-kang (aka drain) fishing.
We had Caitlin's company today... it's been a while since Tim and Little Missy have an outing with a friend... so they were very excited to have Caitlin with us today... :)
This was our catch of the day... Tim was apparently quite good at fishing... he was the only one who managed to catch a few all by himself... while Little Missy & Caitlin had theirs caught by Kusmi (my helper)... teehehe...
Here's Caitlin with her catch... :)
And here's Little Missy watching over the fishes...

Great place to play and learn... I'll give it 2 thumbs up!!! *wink* This in itself is a day of lesson for us... beauty of homeschooling!~


WaveSurfer said...

Nice to hear you enjoyed yourselves at the park! Didn't venture into the farm area the last time we went there so didn't know there were so many varieties there! o_0|
Looks like we'll have to wait till our son is older until he appreciates the farms and (maybe) the longkang fishing (I'm a fish lover so...). ^^|
Lastly, I LOLed at the 'star' (though agree it's necessary). ^^

mamabliss said...

oh yes we were very pleasantly surprise that the place has so much the kids could learn from :)

and yeah, i thought the star was really necessary teehehe... :)