Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Puppet Fun

Yeah... I've been "poisoned" by the procrastinating bug again... and the repercussions of it? Loads and loads of photos and stuff to update... *fainted*

Anyways, lets begin with this activity that was done like a couple of weeks ago (yeah that long, I know)...

Puppetry... Tim was recently keen on puppeteer-ing... he started using his stuffed toys as his puppets and not long after, my dear friend, Jenny, loaned us this set of Itty Bitty Puppet Show game set.
This activity encourages a child to make mini-puppets that are just the right size for little fingers. Included in this small little game set is a fold out stage for role playing with the puppets, a great opportunity for socialization and definitely with added imaginative play value.
I love it that this game set comes along with a story book with many stories in it for the kids to manipulate the puppets as the story is being read.

That night, we acted the story on "The Mighty mighty dragon and the Teeny Tiny Toad"... though Tim wasn't quite following along the story-line, we had a lot of fun as a family anyways... *smile*
We put up a small little stage of our own, using two kiddy chairs and a blanket over the back of the chairs... Tim really had a blast that night!
The father and son puppeteers behind the scenes teehehe... great family bonding game I honestly feel!

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jean said...

Hi Pauline, thanks for sharing this site for the farm. ....I believe Grace will be very interested.... thanks again.