Sunday, July 26, 2009

Messy Fun Continues...

While the Messy Fun challenge has ended... we continued to have our mess making and fun... some activities were spontaneous and that's where the fun element came in from *wink*

I bought these ice-cream making container from Daiso since a long while ago... and there was an offer going on in Giant the other day hence I bought 2 packs of Magnolia chocolate milk... thought it'd be fun to try making some ice-cream with the choc milk... Tim was all geared up to help when he heard there was going to be ice-cream to eat... *smile*
He's been really very helpful recently...he volunteered to help me in almost all situations especially when I am in the kitchen or just came back from the market... that's GREAT for me... while I know there's a limit to his abilities, nevertheless, I welcome that offer of help (great training for chores later when he's older)...
A day later, the kids had a taste of home made ice-cream... it was a mighty mess... but the ice-cream turned out well and tasty...remember to put on some bib on the kids if you are going to try this at home!
I thought of this activity while I was doing my research for the homeschool and decided that this would be a good activity to train up on the fine motorskills and it requires very minimal prep work on my end... 
Didn't imagine that the kids had other purpose of those black sticker spots... they simply amused me *LOL*
A can of shaving cream + 2 fun loving kids = BIG MESS
Once again, they decided that there was better fun in rubbing those shaving cream on their own bodies *fainted*


stardust said...

The ice-cream maker from Diaso looks very interesting. Is it simple to do?

mamabliss said...

oh yes it was very easy, we simply poured the milk into the container, capped it and freeze it :)