Sunday, July 05, 2009

Messy Fun - 30 Day Challenge (Day 28-30)

We are into the Ocean Theme for our Messy Fun art activities... and since our hermit crab activity we continued with the following art activities -

Day 28 - Mr Seahorse
Base on Eric Carle's Mr Seahorse, we worked on this piece of art using a seahorse template and glitter glue... the kids rubbed the entire seahorse with glitter glue and pasted a googly eyes to add interest to the entire piece of art work... *FUN*

Day 29 - Jellyfish
The daddy was back after work when we were about to start this messy art activity... and he joined the kids to have some family bonding time together... *contented*

Simple art using cupcake paper liners and some raffia strings... instead of using googly eyes, I printed some "craft eyes" using hard card stock for the kids' use...
And here's the final pieces of art... not bad huh? *smile*

Day 30 - Puffy Fish
Finger printing for the scales of the fishes - back and front... the kids were more interested in mixing the colours of the ink pad... *grin*
Stapling the two sides of the fish together and stuffing some tissues in between to "puff up" the fish... extremely messy due to the ink being smeared all over the table...fortunately the ink were water soluble... it was a breeze to clean, really...

While the 30 day challenge has ended, we will continue with our messy fun daily... this time, I've ensured that I keep to a timetable of activities within the day... no more excuses for me to skive on a daily activity with my kids from now on... *smile*