Monday, June 01, 2009

Simply Homecooked - Chicken Biriyani

Chicken Biriyani, one of my favourite Indian cuisine... something that I've been dying to learn how to make... *grin*...

Was at the wet market one morning and discovered a new Indian stall at the market selling the Garam Masala... that's when I jumped right at it to try making my very own Chicken Biriyani.

I had initially thought that the Garam Masala was a premix like Prima Taste... much to my dismay it wasn't... I still had to prepare the biriyani from scratch *fainted*

Googled for the Chicken Biriyani's recipe... and I used a combination of these two recipes - recipe 1 and recipe 2 (with modification made). I didn't put chicken meat into the rice while cooking, instead I prepared a separate curry chicken dish.

Do you think it turned out well? Not quite to be honest. The rice was too soggy, the curry chicken was too bland... eventhough the aroma of the spices filled the entire kitchen... it didn't taste as good.

I shall try it again in a few weeks' time... I'll make sure I add sufficient salt, and I shall use the rice cooker to cook the rice instead... *smile*


MommyAngel said...

It certainly looks so tempting for me now. Looks like one of those selling at the stall wor ..... I can't even cook that!

Joyce Long said...

Wow..make me mouth watering..simply delicious by just looking at it..can't imagine if i can taste it ..