Monday, June 08, 2009

I Found a Gem!!!

Was in the midst of researching for some materials for our homeschool base on the book "The Carrot Seed" and quite by accident I found myself a wonderful gem of all gems!!!
Just when hubby and I were discussing about playing audio books in the car during our travelling time on the road, I found this wonderful resource.

I heard "The Carrot Seed" on audio and it's so cute that I believe the kids would benefit from listening to it. Spare me from having to be the only one reading all the time, the kids could listen to other story tellers for a change... *smile*

I am a sucker for classic children's stories and the Kiddie Records Weekly is just the right place where I could uncover loads of stories that I like. Perfect way for making audio books cds for the kids to listen to as well...
We will be using the literature base approach in our homeschool journey and these audio books come in just right on time! In this site I've also found the audio version of the story "Madeline"... *sigh of contentment*

Hope you'd be able to find something suitable too through this website... the MP3 are completely free for download! ENJOY!!!


Dawn said...

hey pauline! I am a sucker for classics too! where can I get such books? I went to the website but only can download audio right?

Rose said...

I enjoy Madeline and her adventures too!! Thanks for the sharing.

byihui said...

hi pauline

yup, i found this last year and we absolutely love the carrot seed story! "carrots grow from carrot seed, i planted it i grew it ..." i stil sing the song whenever i read jodie the story :)

SeReNe said...

Thanks for sharing! I loooove these classic stories, brings me back to my childhood =)

Raihana-ريحانا said...


My 4 years old enjoy the Carrot Seed story book. Bought it when he was about 18 months .No audio, just the book. It will be great to get the audio.
Thanks for sharing