Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Butterfly Lodge

Recently discovered this wonderful place at Oh's Farm and have been wanting to bring the kids to have a first hand experience amidst fluttering butterflies (not just one or two butterflies... but hundreds of butterflies fluttering around)'s a great place of learning for the little ones...
I have never been to a place where there are hundreds of butterflies surrounding me... but today, I've seen how beautiful these little creatures are... it's definitely different from those one or two fleeting butterflies we see in the parks/gardens where we could hardly take a good look at any of them before they take off...
My friend, Adeline, brought along a booklet describing the different species of butterflies, and we could identify a few of them... something the kids could learn too *smile*
I witnessed a butterfly "sipping" nectar from this flower... isn't it cool? A pity that the resolution of this picture has been reduced, otherwise you could also see the butterfly in action.
Each of us brought a few caterpillars home and to our surprise some of them have already turned upside down ready to become a chrysalis... Tim was so eager, kept asking why isn't the butterflies out yet... *LOL*

Isn't nature great? Isn't there lots to learn from nature? Isn't it fun that you don't have to think or create any lesson plans and the kids could still learn and experience what's before their eyes? *grin* Nature studies, way to go! I am loving it!


Isabelle's mummy said...

This is such a wonderful place. We went to the Lodge to experience it too! Thanks for the contact!

mamabliss said...

Hi Isabelle's mummy, glad you've enjoyed the place with your little one :)

The Chengs said...


Interesting about the Oh's Farm. Not too far from our place (well, almost same distance as going to the zoo).

Is it open for visiting at any time? Do we need to make appointment?

As in, can we just drop in any morning? Bc it doesn't seem to say on the website.