Monday, May 25, 2009

Outdoor Fun - Feeding The Animals

It's been a while since we last visited the park or garden... it was an impromptu play date that Mommy Adeline asked if I'd like to join her day out with C.

I love it that the kids have lots of space to run and have fun (read: expending their boundless energy)...while still be able to make new discoveries and learn something as they enjoy their time in the outdoors.

During this outing, the kids had a great time feeding the animals - pigeons, kois, cat fishes, terrapins, swans etc... picking up new vocabularies, climbed a tree and learned about ants...

Building up on those literacy skills, large/fine motor skills, observation skills, science and nature at work... they've brought back so much in just one session of outdoor fun... now you know why I enjoy bringing the kids outdoor? hahaha... best of all, I don't have much prep work or crack my head thinking of activities or cleaning up much mess *smile*

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