Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Messy Fun - 30 Day Challenge (Day 15-16)

Messy Fun 30 Day Challenge has been progressing, though not on a daily basis as I've been busy trying to keep up with other matters that are going on at the same time right now...

Day 15 - Straw Painting
Lifted this idea from one of MaryAnne F. Kohl's books... and thought it might be fun to try... the kids had great difficulties trying to blow the drops of paint on the paper... while I did notice that they had their fun anyhow...
Perhaps I shouldn't have cut the straws and let them use a long straw to do this art... hmmm... will try this again sometime later then... *smile*

Day 16 - Hand & Foot Lobster
L is for Lobster... :) discovered this art through Just For Fun, thought it might be really interesting to let the two kids try... they felt tickled as I painted on their foot... *grin*

If you wish to try this art, remember to prep a piece of damp rag on the side to wipe off the paint on your child's hand and foot... cos I wasn't quite prepared initially, and had foot prints and hand prints all over the plastic mat...
And the two kids were very cooperative when I told them not to touch the painting till they were completely dry... afterwhich, I gave them each a pair of googly eyes to paste onto the lobster...
Here's the master piece... simple yet fun... and they learn a new sea creature that begins with the letter L... manifold learning process...*contented*

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Anonymous said...


I did the straw painting with my missy too. we dip the straw into colour and dap it on the paper.. but it's not so fun compare to sponges though.. but it's good that they learnt about more medium for arts..

I like the lobster arts. shall try that with missy sometime later :)