Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Messy Fun - 30 Day Challenge (Day 13-14)

Messy fun challenge continues...

Day 13 - String Ornaments
It's amazing how paints could do art in thousands of ways. On this day, we were planning to make an ornament out of this string painting... the kids had other ideas so we ended up painting with string and didn't make any ornaments out of it *smile*... well once again, it's not the end product that mattered rather it was the process.

They had great fun working on the strings, messing the paint around...and ended up "marble-lizing" the paints instead. They requested to do stamping with the toilet rolls that was in our paint box... so as it turned out we didn't work based on what I've planned out... impromptu art made this messy fun session much more interesting... *grin*

Day 14 - Fluttering Hearts
I've often read in kids' art books on how melting crayons could be created into a new form of art. Have not tried it and decided to let the kids have some fun through sharpening the crayons into flakes... oh boy, was it MESSY!!! There were crayon bits all over the floor of my balcony, all over the Little Tikes' table, all over my and my kids' hands and legs... *fainted* but this is definitely a great way to get rid of all the left over, broken pieces and unwanted crayons... *smile*

The crayon flakes were placed on a piece of wax paper and I covered the top of the crayon with another piece of wax paper before ironing it over with a hot dry iron... this process MUST be done by an adult... the mess didn't end at the sharpening of the crayon... it continued on the ironing board... the melted crayon overflowed out of the wax paper onto the ironing board (can you picture the mess yet?)...
After the wax dried up and cooled down, I cut heart shapes out of it and have Tim string them up into a garland... great eye-hand coordination training there... *smile*
I tied the garland onto the window grilles in Tim's room... finally something that's completed that I've bothered to put it up... teehehe...

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Rose said...

I hate crayon flakes too! Messy!

But I love the loves art, very lovely indeed. :)