Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Way With Active Little Missy

Little Missy is simply too different from Tim and I can't possibly use the same stuff I did with Tim in his learning process on Little Missy effectively...

Little Missy needs to be "doing something" all the time... (hmmm...sounds like me)... that she's always super restless... I guess she's a Kinesthetic learner? For most times when we involve her in doing something she seems to concentrate/focus better... whereas reading or anything we have to sit down to listen and watch doesn't appeal to her that much...
While preparing for dinner one evening, our helper decided to involve Little Missy in picking the pearl beans out of its pod... Little Missy enjoyed this session of "helping" very much...she could sit throughout the entire session without moving away at all...

More information on Kinesthetic learners -
Kinesthetic Learners
(Family Education)
Most of the school population excels through kinesthetic means: touching, feeling, experiencing the material at hand. "Children enter kindergarten as kinesthetic and tactual learners, moving and touching everything as they learn.... Kinesthetic learners are most successful when totally engaged with the learning activity.

(Singapore Learning)
Kinesthetic Learners learn best in hands-on learning settings in which they can physically manipulate something in order to learn about it. They learn best when moving about and handling things, doing well in classes in which there is a lab component.

Your learning style is your strength. Go with it whenever you can. When you can choose a class, try to choose one that draws heaviest on your learning style. When you can choose a teacher, try to choose one who's teaching method best matches your learning style. When you choose a major and future career, keep your learning style firmly in mind.

A kinesthetic learner may be strong in the following:

  • Fine and gross motor balance
  • Rhythmic balance
  • Identifying and matching objects
  • Taking gadgets apart and putting them back again
  • Using concrete objects as thing aids
  • Creativity, problem solving , and seeing connections between ideas

Some suggested activities:

  • Use hands-on learning methods
  • Field trips
  • Reading – visual phonics
  • A large chalkboard

Some Tips for Parents

  • Be happy if your child learns the same way as we do and succeeds in the classroom
  • Do not be frustrated if he/ she doesn’t understand the way we do
  • Allow for differences and vary the activities and ways of presenting information
  • Do not interprete the child’s different learning style as misbehaviour, or rebellion
  • Know your own learning styles to understand your child better


Rose said...

some kids learn well from those activities instead of from books. i believe Little Missy is going to be an adventurous girl when she growing up!! :)

Merryn said...

kids learn a whole lot more from exposure than sitting down reading.. they need to feel, smell, touch, hear.. everything! we have to remind ourself that though we know all these,they dun, so, let them explore.. n lil missy will keep on exploring until one day she'll be 'smarter' than mommy! :D

Joyce Long said...

thanks for sharing this kinestic learning..always enjoy reading your joyce milestone..she is learning fast hor..well done joyce..

pc said...

inspired by this post and the pearl beans. bought back and let hy plays with it before i cook. when it is ready for cooking, i too, taught hy to peel off the skin and take out the beans.

how do you cook it? i only know to use it for soup.

she was very keen on the beans until... she ate it.