Thursday, April 23, 2009

Messy Fun - 30 Day Challenge (Day 9-12)

There has been a slight hiatus in our daily Messy Fun challenge as both hubby and I have been rather busy zooming around on our venture matters...but I still try on a regular basis (as far as possible, on a daily basis) do at least one activity with them whenever we are home... :)

And so the Messy Fun challenge continues...

Day 9 - Getting a Green Thumb
Though we don't have a garden at home, I thought a good way to start the kids on gardening was through the planting of some green/red beans...

The kids have read books such as "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle and "A Seed is Sleepy" by Diana Hutts Aston... great way to reinforce what we have read about by having a hands-on activity to go along.

The kids were each given a plastic cup and I gave them some stickers to decorate it... we placed some cotton wool at the bottom of the cup and sprinkled a few beans into it... the kids were curious what will happen next after they watered the beans...

Roots started to sprout out within a day and the plant grew really quickly in just 2 days... the kids were very thrilled... through this exercise they learned about the names of the different parts of the plant and at the same time watch the process of how a plant grew in real... science and nature at work again.

Day 10 - Sponge Chalk Art
This is a good activity if you have those small pieces of left over chalks to get rid of. I pounded all those leftovers into powder and gave the kids a piece of damp sponge.

The kids just dip the damp sponge into the powdered chalk to make art on a piece of paper... that simple... the two kids were happier mixing the powdered chalk into the small bowl of water I provided them... than to really do art on paper *smile*... they just can't leave the bowl of water alone...

Day 11 - Watercolour Pastels Drawing
Tried something new on this day... water colour pastels... once again water play was more interesting *fainted*....

How these pastels work was to either draw on the piece of paper and brush over the draw with a wet paint brush... or we could brush the wet paint brush over the pastels and paint it onto the paper...

Tim drew a "portrait" of me in the process... hahaha he is "really drawing" more than scribbling now... *wink*

Day 12 - Tissue Paper Stained Glass
For this activity we used a piece of wax paper, some coloured art tissue paper and diluted some white glue.

The idea was to brush some of the glue onto the wax paper and paste the tissue paper on top... and finally paste the finished artwork against a window where there's plenty of sunlight.

The kids were more interested in flinging the tissue paper around... sure was messy with glue and paper all over the place *grin*

More challenges coming up soon... stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pauline,

Check with you. Do you think it's useful to have an easel for our little ones ? it seems that most of the arts work you did do not require easel at all. but, instead of doing it on paper paster on wall or on the floor, will it be comfortable for kiddos to have a proper easel ?

Am still thinking should i get one for my missy. i did not introduce chalk to her yet (19th month) worried she will pop the whole thing into her mouth. there is no non-toxic chalk right ?


mamabliss said...

Hi Mico,

Yes, easel will definitely be more convenient for the kids to do art... i live in a HDB apartment hence there isn't much space to spare at home therefore I make do with pasting paper on the wall along the corridor to let my kids do art (partly also to prevent the house from getting dirty with all the painting and messy art :P)

If you wish to let your child work on chalk you'd need to closely supervise lest she puts the chalk into her mouth. Now that my Little Missy is 20months old she's putting things into her mouth less that's why I was more confident to let her play with chalk.

Hope my sharing helps... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Pauline,

Thanks so much for sharing. It is always so informative .