Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Sitter Again :)

*Backdated Post*

Two weeks ago, I offered to baby sit Natalie again... and we spent another 1 full day and 2 half days with her...the kids had a blast and enjoyed her stay very much... :)
On day 1, we played with magnetic letters and musical instruments, the kids had some time at the playground and also some indoor games... there was a small dispute between Tim and Natalie during the indoor game but not one that was difficult to break up... *wink*
After a long nap the 3 kids had a painting session by our corridor and it felt like I was running a mini playschool with our neighbours' 3 girls joining the kids in this painting session... watching the kids having fun was my greatest satisfaction... *smile*

Day 2 - We had Natalie's little brother Jeremiah with us too... and we all trotted down to the Jacob Ballas Children's Garden together... met a few of the Artful Lil' Hands members to have a play date.
The kids can't have enough of the sand and water play... while Little Jeremiah was snoozing all the way...
After we were back, I quickly whipped up some simple egg & cheese sandwich and chicken nuggets (not those from fastfood chain ok, they were made from scratch - the night before though *smile*)... threw in some baked beans and a few slices of apple. The kids fed themselves and gobbled everything up... must have been very hungry after all that sand and water play! *grin*
While waiting for Natalie's mommy to come pick them up, we played some games with hubby's help to care for the kids... picture 4 kids under the age of 4 in the house... a glimpse of a mini playschool/childcare centre? *LOL*

Day 3 - After Tim was being sent to school, I gave the 2 girls some playdoh to play with... nice and easy start of the day... then it was down at the playground for some outdoor fun again... I like to bring the kids outdoors teehehe... great way to expend all those energy and also to give me a break from thinking up activities to keep them happy and mentally stimulated...
Before I headed out to pick Tim up, I gave the girls some white board markers to play with... it was a rather smooth running day :)
Natalie enjoyed building blocks a lot and she was greatly satisfied with the tall tower that she's built, see how happy she was? *smile*...

All in a day's work... it was great fun having Natalie and Jeremiah with us... Tim often ask me where's Natalie and that he wants to play with Natalie... looks like Tim has found himself a new friend...

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2ma said...

so cool!!! if u r in malaysia, i would have brought shan leo to join your play time!!