Wednesday, April 08, 2009

30-Day Messy Fun Challenge!

Been pretty busy lately... was glued to my computer screen for over 12hours a day... catching up on a TVB drama for the past week... finally completed the entire 30 episode of 法证先锋II (Forensic Heroes Part II)...

Anyways, I have been inspired to do a Messy Fun activity everyday for 30 days... and was thinking through on the 30 activities that I could do with my 2 kids... so here's my list... the activities will be done at random (ie. not in the order of the list below)... as some of the projects would require some prep work and collecting of materials...

This will give me lots of bonding time with the 2 kids at the same time... and hoping that they'll enjoy all the 30 days of fun with me as we go along...

1) Goop & Funny Putty : dilute corn starch in water and see what happens (definitely different from plain flour).
2) Marbled Gift Bags : with food colouring and oil (sounds like good messy fun *lol*)
3) Getting a Green Thumb : creating a mini garden (planting - something I've been wanting to do with the kids)
4) Making Popovers : a snack we'll make together (probably with Tim doing it all by himself but with me giving him instructions on the side)
5) Leaves and Flowers Printing
6) Shaving Cream Painting
7) Sandpaper Art : Colouring with crayons on coarse sandpaper
8) Bake Doughnuts : healthier choice
9) Make a Kite and fly it : out of paper plates and streamers
10)Tissue Paper stained glass : with liquid starch
11)Fruit/Vegetable Printing : using various types of vegetables/fruits
12)Baking Pretzels
13)Dye White Flowers : setting the stem of the flowers in water mixed with food colouring
14)Watercolour Pencils: exploring different art media
15)Eyedropper painting : on kitchen towels, coffee filter paper
16)Glitter + Glue art
17)Body Trace
18)Handprint Craft
19)Handful Scribble : bundling 6-8 crayons together and doodle
20)Sponge Chalk Art : breaking the chalk into powder and dip moist sponge in it and draw
21)Blot Art
22)String Ornaments : using a string/yarn and dip into glue and sprinkling glitter on the string
23)Chalk Dip : dipping coloured chalk into white paint and draw
24)Heart Flutters : hearts collage on wax paper
25)Decorating muffins : using coloured icing
26)Confetti Explosion : art done using confetti
27)Paper Snow Flakes : paper cutting
28)Decorating biscuits : with chocolate dip and sprinkling toppings
29)Toothbrush + comb painting
30)Straw painting

So there you have it... my plan of Messy Fun (some not that messy) with my kids on a daily basis...

We have already started the challenge today with the very item #1 in the above list... it was good fun as the kids get to see and experience science at work... will post the pictures of the Goop & Funny Putty stay tuned :)


Wenz 宛仟 & Denz 浩安 said...

whoa...sounds really interesting..U r a supermum. I salute ur energy level...keep it up!!! :D

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ Great planning!

Kristie said...

have fun! :) looking forward to pix :)

Joan D'Arcy said...

Looking forward! How do you upkeep ur energy>??!! "D GBU

Joyce Long said...

Wah..pauline you are very marvellous mommy..certainly looking fwd to read your sharing.. : p

Anonymous said...

Hi Pauline,

I learnt from other mummy we can do one more messy fun with ice.

Use some food colouring and make some ice with various shapes. Kiddos just take out the ice of different colours and shapes and scribble on white paper.

The result is just marvelous. I love it.. i mean my missy seems to love it :)