Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sew Much Fun!

FINALLY!!! Gotten these two aprons sewn. Tim's original apron was kind of worn out due to the multiple washing. And this project of sewing the kids an apron each has been looming in my head for the longest time.

I traced the pattern out of Tim's original apron and finish up the apron with bias-tape around the edges... completed the 2 aprons in an hour and a half... not bad huh? *smile*

Now there's more reason for messy fun! teehehe...


2ma said...

ur kids are so lucky!! they always have personalized clothings or accessories from mummy!! how nice? i do wish i know how to sew at times...especially after seeing all the beautiful stuffs made by you!!

mamabliss said...

Hi 2ma, can always start from something simple for your little ones... :) it's more of an avenue for me to de-stress actually teehehe