Saturday, March 21, 2009

Playtime by Focus On the Family

Since both hubby and I have been trained to facilitate the Parenting With Confidence workshop last year, we haven't had an opportunity to use what we've been trained in thus far.

I was privileged to be invited by Focus on The Family, to co-facilitate the Playtime workshop recently at Compass Point.

Playtime aims to empower parents with tools and tips on how to bond with their children and help their children learn through play. Many values such as manners could be inculcated to our kids at a very young age... creating a fun learning environment helps the children learn better.

It was a great experience to be facilitating Playtime; to be able to share with other parents what we've been trained in as well as exchange our personal experiences as a parent.

I'll be facilitating 3 sessions of Playtime over 3 Saturdays, on my own end this month onwards... and I am both excited and anxious how the outcome might be... but all for a good course... it's indeed a joy to be able to put what I'm passionate about (ie. parenting & early childhood education) into practice.

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