Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nature By Our Doorstep!

Even though we are surrounded by a concrete jungle, we are fortunate to have a mini garden by our apartment block. So we need not venture too far if we fancy a "nature's walk"... albeit a mini nature's walk *wink*
We headed downstairs for a walk one evening, and I asked if the kids would like to have our helper make them some kampong-style toys... they didn't wait for my cue and off they went to pick the baby coconuts that were strewn all over the ground.
The kids helping out in preparing the baby coconuts... they had to peel away the excess skin from the baby coconut in order to have a smooth surface...great way to train up those fine motor skills and ability to take & execute instructions given...
Then, two baby coconuts were strung together with the spine of a coconut leaf, and the more complex of the entire process were completed by my helper.
Now the kampong-style mini trolley is done! Ready to run in's where the large motor skills are exercised! *smile*
And here's a little ball my helper made out of the coconut leaves...

I'm glad that in this short time spent at the garden, the kids learned that there are things that could be made out of nature... *smile* as always, nature is the best playground!


pc said...

now i see a very good reason to keep a maid~!!! *grin*

Mamabliss said...

PC u r right :) I depended so much on my helper that if without her I don't think I can manage 2 young kids and still do all those crazy things with them teehehe