Saturday, March 21, 2009

Messy Fun - Art Time!

We tried a few art material, some new and some old... some messy, some not too messy :) but all in the name of FUN!!!
I finally took out the bottle of glitter that Mommy Joyce passed me last year... hesitated allowing my kids to play with it for the fear of them putting the glitter into their mouths... I heard that these glitter contains metal in them... so was trying to play safe.

Little Missy, seldom puts things in her mouth lately, and I felt assured to let her play with the glitter.
Gave the kids a few paint pots and they were ready to rock & roll... :)
We had our neighbour's twin daughters joining Tim & Little Missy in the fun... *smile*
On this occasion, I was too lazy to clear up messy paints, so when the kids asked for paints to play with, I dragged out the box of Chubby dot paints. I love this invention to bits!!! No drip, no mess, no spillage, no un-washable colours...and the kids don't have to sit on the floor along the corridor *LOL*
The kids played with blending different colours and discovering new colours through the blending process...
Lifted this idea from the The Siblings' Busy Book, and tried it with the kids. Drawing on the paper with crayons and paint over it. The brilliant colours of the crayons just jumped out after the layer of paint was painted over it.
Tim had a try on it himself...
Drawing with Cinnamon sticks... gave the kids a few cinnamon sticks and asked them to take a whiff of it... interesting how art could be made from a cinnamon stick. Gave them each a piece of sandpaper and they worked through the art themselves... this piece of art left a nice aroma from the cinnamon... *smile*


Dawn said...

Where to get the Chubby dot paints? Sounds good. And where do you get sandpaper?

Thanks for sharing!

mamabliss said...

Hi Dawn, I got those chubby dot paints from Beacon Education Supplies that is at Toa Payoh (near SPH News Centre). But I think you might be able to get them at United Square (some craft stores near Toys R Us) or there's one place at the Forum Galleria basement that specializes on educational toys (sorry I can't remember the name of the shop).

I know the info above isn't quite helpful. But let me check it out and see if I could give you more specific details.

Joyce Long said... fun to have art session like this...