Wednesday, March 04, 2009

For the Love of Nature

We are off to another morning of fun in nature this morning - it's a beautiful day!!! We didn't need to venture very far to soak ourselves in nature... there's a wonderful park just 2 bus-stops away from our place. It's none other than the Toa Payoh Town Park.
Nature's play has been something I wanted to weave into our daily schedule but haven't quite had it done due to Tim's school routine. Mornings are always the best time to enjoy nature.
When we arrived at the park, we were invited by a beautiful scene... the floor was blanket by the blossoms of the Trumpet Tree... it looks like a snow covered ground from afar. More of the flowers were floating down from the tree as we stood there for a moment... it seemed magical :)
This is the season of flowering by the Tabeuia Rosea Trees, and you'd notice a lot of these trees are blossoming at this time.

Tim had a good time trying to catch the flowers as they float down from the tree...while Little Missy was busy picking them from the ground...
The cattail plants are standing tall once again... and Tim had a good time observing and touching them... he's rather drawn to the cattail since he learned the name of the plant *smile*
We stood by the big pond quietly to watch all that are living in the water... terrapins, water fleas, fishes, water plants and even the tree etc...
We discovered wild mushrooms blooming all over the ground and the kids were naturally curious about them...
The kid has a huge fascination on rocks! I don't know why... but he's given the liberty to climb onto them and enjoy the fun of just being around the rocks... :)
Some shots of the siblings having fun together around the park.
Nature learning at its best! Nothing beats a personal experience/encounter with nature. We discovered a grasshopper quite content about its rest on a branch... (until it was harrassed by us) I don't think the kids would be able to learn much more about a grasshopper from a text book than to see for themselves how and what a grasshopper looks like and moves like.
We had Layla and Heng Yi joining us later this morning... and the kids continued their journey of discovering, observing, learning and collecting the nature's treasure!
Eversince I have come to know more about Charlotte Mason's method of homeschooling, I was personally very drawn to her philosophy in nature's study for children. Why do nature study, is it neccessary? Here's an article that shares 8 good reasons why nature study is good for the children. And here's what we can do for nature study, it really need not be complicated and intimidating. Time spent on observing, experiencing, waiting, watching quietly... In other words, nature study is not an outdoor structured, organized, and pre-planned science class lesson.
One of Charlotte Mason's nature study is being immerse in nature...and carrying out activities such as meals, reading and time of play and relax out of home. So here's Evelyn, reading a book to the kids as they crowd themselves around her.

If you are keen to do some nature walks/study with your child, here's some Do's and Don'ts that might give you a guide as in how to carry out nature study the CM way!


WaveSurfer said...

Wow Toa Payoh Town Park sure looks a lot different than before; I used to stay in the vicinity and (illegally) fishing there when I was young. ^^|

Thanks for sharing about the Tabeuia Rosea Trees blooming season; I've noticed these beautiful flowers blooming and was wondering what plant species they were. Seeing the whole tree with blooming flowers reminded me of Sakura blooming in Japan.

Can see all of you having great fun! ^^

mamaseah said...

aiyoh ur kids so brave!! dare to touch the grasshopper. I'll freaked out if i see it. Declan very "ku-niang" also when it comes to these creepy crawlies. He'll go near observe and when they twitch, he'll scream and run away!

blurblur said...

Nice photos!
I didn't know T.payoh park is such a good place for nature learning, i used to frequent this park when i was still a kid myself.

eugene said...

ya, i wish we could have such a nice park like yours in Sin. Hey how things down there in singapore, i mean in term of the economy,,,,, mind sharing?

take care now,, family first

Hann Hann said...

yup yup. Nature's really great.

check out these story books set in our local nature scene.

2ma said...

wow, really nice park! love the flowers on the ground. am sure every kid who goes there will have a wonderful time!

Kristie said...

such a beautiful park!

ya the best way to teach a kid is to let them explore :)