Monday, February 02, 2009

Home Made Fun

The kids have been increasingly restless these days... partly because I've placed them in front of the TV too much and have neglected their need to be mentally and intellectually stimulated...

As I was preparing the homeschool time table for Tim (will share that in my homeschool blog soon), I was poring through all my resources, homeschool materials, game books etc... I chanced upon these two ideas... and jumped right into preparing these for the kids.
I recycled an old milk tin and cut a slit on the lid, bought a pack of mahjong chips and voila...something new and fun to play with for the kids...

With this, I taught Tim to put the chips into the tin in sequence of blue-yellow-blue-yellow... the kids also learned the concept of sizes - Large, Medium, Small, Tiny... whereas, Little Missy, learned about colours, cause & effect - dropping the chip into the tin, shaking the tin, plus building up on those fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

This is a real cheap and good teaching tool cum toy... *smile*
A homemade "sandbox", was something I wanted to do for a while... but I didn't get it done previously because of the mighty mess that I'll have to clean up after the kids... but because we live in a concrete estate, where the nearest sand play around is Jacob Ballas, I thought it might be a good idea to have a sandbox at home...

This was made using a basin (had wanted to use one of their baby bath tubs but will do that the next time)... a pack of soya beans, a pack of kidney beans and a pack of green beans. (Tip: try using bigger beans it makes cleaning up easier)

Caitlin came in time to join us on this today... *happy* The kids had a great time grabbing those beans building up on those fine motor skills, pouring, scooping, flinging... they could work on it all day if I didn't stop them... when I pulled out the dustpan and mini broom, Tim worked on "helping" me sweep those beans up (so Montessori)... *LOL*

Witnessing what great fun the kids had this morning at the corridor, it's worth the big clean up
to do afterwards...

*Both ideas taken from The Toddler's Busy Book.


Merryn said...

oh these looks like so much fun! must try it one day! great idea.. thanx for sharing :)

MommyAngel said...

I really like the way you let your kids have fun at thier own home sweet home!! A lot to learn from you actually :)

Mamabliss, actually I love that bag in your picture that you sew actually. But I love the one pink colour in your previous post 'Sew Colourful'! May I know how much you charge for one of the same bag? Thanks ya.

Joyce Long said...

I missed those times when Cherrlyn play with your kids...all these daily lifestyles really can stimulated their minds..

Anonymous said...

Hi Mamabliss

I am inspired by your blog. Can I know more about the homeschool fair and how can I be invited to join?

Mum of 2 kids

mamabliss said...

Hi Mum of 2 Kids, I am not sure when the next homeschool fair will run for this year as I have yet to see any announcements on the homeschool forum.

you may join the homeschool forum here

hope that helps! :)