Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dialogues We Want To Remember...

Since Tim started speaking more properly, we've had many occasions of dialogues with him that made either hubby or me go... "ermmm..." or "wow! where did that come from?"... and because toddler-hood fly pass so quickly, we want to remember these funny moments and record it for record sake...

Tim was asked by daddy the difference between a boy & a girl -
Dad: "Tim, are you a boy or a girl?"
Tim: "Boy"
Dad: "Is 妹妹 a boy or a girl?"
Tim: "Girl"
Dad: "Is Chicky(Tim's bestest stuff toy-friend) a boy or a girl?"
Tim thought for a while and replied: "Chicky is a duck"
Dad: "duh..."
Tim: "Mommy why is daddy stopping the car?"
Me: "Oh, because daddy is giving way to the car in front that is turning out"
Tim:"Why is uncle (the driver of the car in front) turning out?"
Me (thought up an excuse): "Cos, uncle wants to go home"
Tim: "Why is uncle going home?"
Me(thought up another excuse): "Cos he wants to be home for a rest"
Tim: "Where is uncle's home?"
Me(getting impatient): "I don't know, how would I know?"
Tim: "Oh, uncle lives somewhere else, not here"
Me(eyes rolling)....
Me: "Tim we are going to see 舅舅 tomorrow, are you excited?"
Tim:"No, Tim-Tim cannot see 舅舅 tomorrow!"
Me: "Why not?"
Tim: "Cos Tim-Tim is sick, cough and runny nose"
Me(eyes rolling again)...
Tim & Little Missy were playing together when Little Missy decided to snatch Tim's toys and was screaming away when Tim tried to snatch it back... and Tim snapped at Little Missy with "Go to the naughty corner now!"
The daddy went...whaooo where did that come his mind. *LOL*

I know we ain't see nothing yet of the little tyke's incessant questioning...and I am beginning to believe that this is the beginning of Tim's journey of Why, Where, What, When, How questioning...and reasoning as well... wish us luck...


Kristie said...

tim is so cute.... love their innocence :)

Anonymous said...

hehe at least you can have a proper conversation with Tim! Layla just likes to ask me "Why?" and I'll be like "Why what?" (repeat 10x).

Merryn said...

aww.. so cute.. every child will come to a phase where there are never ending why's... why?

jean said...

Hi Pauline, Grace used to ask alot of why, what, where esp why even till now...a good thing cos she wants to understand things but for me I hv to be patience in answering all her questions... hahah... I like the conversation u had with Tim. Seems like children do have answers to their questions just that they want to hear others' (I think).. :)

Ciyou said...

kids are like that~~

Did you get my address?