Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Books! Book! Books!

**Warning - Long Post**
Can't ever have enough of books, that's for sure! :) I cannot imagine myself not reading for more than a day... I guess, books have become so much a part of me that I might feel stupid not reading... :P

Came across some books I thought were worth sharing... some were recommended reads by friends and others I discovered along the way...

*side track* I didn't know, till recently, that our National Library is now so well equipped that by paying a small fee, we can order the books we wanted online without having to plough through the shelves. Best of all, you could determine at which library branch to pick up the book - cool huh? Here's the link if you would like to place an order of a particular book that you want. And here's the link that you could go to, to extend the loan period.
Parenting with Love and Logic - by Foster W. Cline & Jim Fay
This was a recommended read by Angie and I can't stop reading this book I must say... the authors shared about how to raise responsible kids, by allowing them to experience the natural consequences of their choice (within safe boundaries of course). Eg. Tim had so much fun playing that he decided to hold his pee until he can't hold it any longer and wet his pants. I made him walk around in the wet pants for the rest of the morning till his bath time. He'll have to live with donning wet pants as he's chosen to hold his pee and not go to the toilet.

I enjoyed reading this book very much as it has a lot of practical and interesting ideas on how to deal with children of different ages. And if I could master how to apply the points shared in this book I think I'd be a lot less uptight with both my kids.

Some take home points I've noted from this book -
~ Wise parents think, "don't get too uptight if our children don't always listen to us, but tremble in fear that they see what we do"
~ We must set firm, loving limits using enforceable statements without showing anger, lecturing, or using threats.
~ Everything we fix for our kids, our kids will be unable to fix for themselves. If there's more than a 20% chance our child might be able to work the problem out themselves, we should keep clear of owning the problem and not rob our child of the opportunity to learn and grow from the experience.
~ When to step in - we step in when our children are in definite danger of losing life or limb or of making a decision that could affect them for a lifetime.
Raising Motivated Kids - by Cheri Fuller
I discovered this book while searching for another book by the same author in our library. This is definitely a great read!!! The text written is such an easy read, anybody could have read it within a day. The points shared were so inspiring and the fix to the problems were right to the point. You've got to read it to discover the details on your own... here are some take home points -
The building blocks of Motivation
a) Relationship - motivated children tend to be those who have close, loving relationships with their parents.
b) A good example - the parents role modelling is a powerful motivator because the number one way kids learn is by imitation.
c) Expectations - kids who succeed and overcome obstacles in school & life usually have one experience in common: they have at least one person in their life who had high expectation for them and provided support and structure for their dreams.
d) A Healthy Perspective about grades.
And remember the Toddlers' Busy Book I shared previously? Today, I found another wonderful Busy Book by the same publisher.
The Siblings' Busy Book - by Lisa Hanson & Heather Kempskie
This book is packed with 200 fun activities for kids of different ages. The activities could easily be implemented to suit a group of kids that's of different age group all at once. Ideal for me as I've 2 kids of different age to deal with. Here are the pointers I've noted -
~ Kids need a lot of experience having good times together so that when conflicts and fights come...they both have the memory of a positive relationship they want to get back to
~ Many of the activities we enjoyed with our older children could be modified so our younger ones could share the fun. We found great new ways to spend time with all our kids at the same time, using the same simple materials.
~ Fun and positive ways your children can work together as a family and make their world a better place.
~ The ideas are developmentally appropriate for four separate age groups.
Wonderplay, Too! - by Fretta Reitzes & Beth Teitelman
This is a parent's guide to active child's play; providing fun-filled activities targeted to children in age 3-6. Gathered in this book are over 200 activities - from games, crafts and cooking projects to music, dancing and more! Parents and caregivers can find hundreds of ways to educate and delight their children. It's great fun that will bring the family together.

Now we have no lack of ideas to keep those energizer bunnies occupied with interesting activities... *smile*

Ladybird Tales
We've been reading a lot of children's classic stories that are Caldecott Medal Books/Caldecott Honor Books/ALA Notable Children's books award winners... while these books are great resource but a lot of them also come with a hefty price tag.

I recently stumble upon the Ladybird Tales when I was at the Popular Bookstore and it just brought back a lot of nostalgia as I go through them. The illustrations has brought back a lot of fond memories that is still so vivid in my mind.

I've totally forgotten the existence of these books until I chanced upon them... and after having flip through them, I thought the content wasn't that bad compared to those award winning children's books. Decided to buy them and they were at a very reasonable price of S$4.82 per book... cool huh? :) Now, if you ever want to stock up cheap and good books for your kids, try the Ladybird Tales, they are worth it!


MommyAngel said...

Oh ... thanks for sharing such informative post with us here. Sigh ... how I hope our library have such nice books + such service provided :(

But I love Ladybird tales too since young :)

Kristie said...

wow that's a lot of books there, am sure u will come up with more activities for ur sweethearts!

Arkerchi said...

thanks for dropping by my crafting blog. Sorry, if I took so long to reply. I gon manage to go in last night (busy busy busy...). Love your blog and your sewing projects. I also love our library and it was my best friend when I was young. but i am a book hogger so i prefer to buy books... but due to space constrain and budget constrain now, library became my best friend again and my daughters too.

Anonymous said...

if you intend to buy ladybird series in bulk, you can try online store www.berkshire.sg

they sell cheaper.

mum22boys said...

hi mamabliss, may i know where to get the siblings' busy book? I have 2 kids too, hope to get ideas for them to work together too! Tks!!

blurblur said...

I'm searching for ladybird series for the boys too...had a few but wanted to buy more! Thanks for sharing the info! And I'm so going to get the two parenting books you mentioned! :)

Joyce Long said...

Pauline..thanks for sharing those pointers..these books are really motivational to us as parents..

Rose said...

Wow! Interesting and informative books! Thanks for the sharing. Would love to browse thru the link later. Hope it accessible in EM. Now I am digging my old books, i.e. pregnancy, how to raise children and tips and start reading them again. It a wonder that when I re-read them 2nd time, I am learning better as real life experince with my 2 years plus gal.

mamabliss said...

Hello MommyAngel, yes, Ladybird books are great huh? *smile*

Hi Kristie, yes yes yes, more ideas for more activities!!!

Hi Arkerchi, hahaha book hogging, same here... I used to buy a lot of bks and live in deception that I was "very wise" after buying (note: not reading) those books kakaka...

Hi Anonymous thanks so much for sharing the link, WOW, this online bookshop sells the Ladybird books $1 cheaper than Popular!!!

Hello Mum22Boys, the book was bought from Popular Bookshop in Bishan.

Hi Blurblur, the two parenting books have loads of valuable parenting tips... worth a read!

Hello Joyce, not a problem...good things are worth sharing!

Hi Rose, yes, you are right, we will appreciate the wisdom from the books better as we have first hand experience on the front that is before us now... glad that you take an active role in parenting your child :) that's the best gift you can give her!!!