Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Severe Pain-In-The-Head!!!

I was down with a severe migraine attack yesterday... I vomited 3 times, broke out in cold sweat, shivered, was dizzy the whole time and worst of all I can't sleep at all... it was bad, real bad!

For over 10 years I've been experiencing menstrual migraine...the doctor told me there's simply no cure for this problem ie. I've to live with the problem for as long as I'm alive... Painkillers such as regular Panadol simply do not work on me anymore...
Some few years ago, I've switched to Panadol Extra that helped to numb the pain but did not ward off the dizzy spells caused by the migraine headaches... which was bearable... however, the down side of this medication caused me insomnia due to the caffine... so I resist taking this painkiller as much as I could.

When the pain was simply unbearable I'll turn to the painkillers that were prescribed by the doctors previously...
Over the years I've been prescribed with strong painkillers such as Ponstan, Synflex, Caffco, Pacofan etc... all for my migraine headaches... I can't believe it, whenever I do a springclean of the medication drawer, I've accumulated nothing but painkillers... sigh... perhaps I should really look at alternative ways of curing this long-term problem... some suggested TCM... wonder if it's going to be a long haul process... which I am unsure if I have the persistence to keep up with...


Anonymous said...

hi Mama Bliss,
I hv been reading ur blog, just wanna throw in my two cents worth of comments.. Hv u tried chinese medicine?

Kerin's mummy

lifewithc said...


Didn't know your problem was that serious. I used to have migraine attacks too when I was working and at the computer a lot. Panadol Extra usually does the trick for me. I think the problem lies in my stiff neck and shoulders so yoga helps tremendously.

If you often have stiff neck and shoulders or are at the computer alot, try taking time to do simple neck and shoulder stretches.

And please take time out to breathe and relax! Don't overload your plate, it's already quite full : )

pc said...

how are you now, dear? sincerely wish you well and continue stay bubbly & pretty.

i agree that you should take time to breathe and relax.

tcm or yoga is a good consideration.

Justen and Rayen's Mommy said...


I am 1 of the victim too, I am bfing my girl so no menses but I still suffering from migraine every month 8( I am trying TCM now. Hope it cure 8) Think yoga is another good suggestion too 8)

Anonymous said...

Have u tried evening primrose oil? I used to take it with my multi-vitamins and it kinda works for me. Well, not completely painless but a lot more bearable.
Do the the holy com too ;)