Tuesday, November 04, 2008



I remember our first encounter of Huggies Ultra was when Little Missy was born... Tim has been a Huggies user when he was just a couple of months old... so when deciding the right brand of diaper for Little Missy, it was a no-brainer.

I was drawn to the Huggies Ultra for it's clinically proven to prevent nappy rash, plus it has a size for newborn! Newborn's skin is the most delicate hence finding a diaper that works well for the comfort of my baby is crucial.
At that time when Tim was born, while trying to find a right diaper fit for Tim, the various brands of diapers we've used were either poor in absorbency or there was a severe flaw in the sticky tape of the waist-band as it didn’t stick very well hence causing a lot of wastage.

What bothered me most was when I had to apply the anti-nappy rash cream on Tim to prevent nappy rash; he being the playful young child would squeeze the tube of nappy cream so hard that it made a huge mess each time (imagine the nightmare having to clean away those cream)… thank goodness we no longer have to go through that now…
Tim our first born, being 2.5yr old now, I am proud to say that he is fully toilet trained however, he still needs the diaper during nap time and bedtime...hence a good diaper with high absorbency is really necessary...I dread the thought of having to wake up a few times in the night to have Tim's diaper changed, thank goodness for Huggies Ultra that comes with premium absorbency...it has spared me from being sleep deprived.

Although Huggies Ultra is a little pricey, the cost kind of evens out as the need to change diapers have been reduced… go figure the math… *smile*

Out of the many brands of diapers we’ve tried and tested, Huggies, was one that we have stuck to till today… for it’s given me no worries about nappy rash nor leakage at all… best of all it’s cottony soft and it has a good Velcro tape for the waist band that doesn’t cause me exasperation in the attempt to re-stick it… and my kids are both happy using it…
Being a parent, there’s endless learning to do… and I’m happy to share that I’ve discovered that the Huggies Singapore website is packed with loads of parenting information…from how to prep yourself as a first-time parent to veteran parents who needed some new tips and tricks on how to engage your babies and tot… you name it… and the site comes with loads of opportunities to win prizes too…and one of them is the Huggies Ultra Photo Contest... check it out!