Friday, October 03, 2008

Simple Fun Continues...

I am hoping to be able to bring both Tim and Little Missy out for nature walks more often however, living in a concrete jungle like ours it's really a huge feat to just go somewhere that's within walking distance where the kids could explore nature...My closest alternative was to bring them down to the teeny weeny little "nature" we have by our apartment block... I am grateful enough that we have some plants, flowers, trees and even insects and cats nearby... where the kids could have a little fun.

The kids managed to observe a trail of ants crawling up and down the wall and floor and through which I could explain to them that the ants were busy hunting for food and bringing the food back to their nest for the mommy ant (queen ant)... and they even observed how 4 ants were carrying a tiny piece of food together while moving towards the nest. Both the kids were really "studying" hard at what the ants were doing... isn't nature amazing? *smile*

As usual, the walk wouldn't have been fun without moving those large muscles... Tim and Joyce had their fair share of running about which I took pleasure to run with them playing catch...

This is what I call blissful! *sigh of contentment*

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