Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kids Biennale

We've talked about visiting the Kids' Biennale for a while now and finally we had made it this time...after reading what Mommy Joyce has shared in her blog about her visit... I quickly arranged a date with Mommy Adeline to bring our kids to pay the city hall a visit.

It was a wonderfully fine day... and the kids had great fun as they immersed themselves in this great environment of art... I love the drawings done by the many kids that plastered the walls of the place like wallpaper. Both Caitlin and Tim were busy bustling from one room to another... while both Mommy Adeline and I were chatting away...
Love it that there were literally no one else at the place so the kids and the mommies enjoyed their morning with great ease and comfort... *smile*

I am not sure how much about art Tim appreciates... but I love it that there are such opportunities to expose him to art... and hopefully through which will build up his love for art in years to come... *smile*...

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