Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Work of a mother's hands...

See this pretty hat? I can only say, it's totally made with loads of love... I can see the sense of satisfaction and achievement in the eyes of Mommy Paw Chuen as she completed this project...

I was very proud of Mommy Paw Chuen when I saw the finished work...and I can see her eyes lit up when we discussed about sewing the next project...*LOL*


pc said...

i was holding it in my hand, with a smile in my face when i your house. i refused to hide it in my bag LOL.

honestly, i couldn't complete it nicely without you.

i guess this is what exactly ppl were keep telling me, "you gotto meet the right person, do the right thing at the right time".


Anonymous said...

Teach me teach me.. haaa

I wanted to make one for my girl too. How to how to ?


mamabliss said...

if you are interested... I can teach you... :)

Anonymous said...

Can you ? But I'm working on weekday. Free on weekend ?