Thursday, September 11, 2008

Artful Lil' Hands - Hootin' Good Time!!!

We had a Hootin' Good Time!!! It was all about OWLS!!! *smile*

Yes, we are into our third week of Birds of the same Feathers theme. This week we learned about the nocturnal Owl... we had a ball of a good time... as we added a few new elements into the activities and I enjoyed the session very much myself... *grin*

We had a new member joining us this week... Mommy Katty and Little Kieren... and the regulars were, Caitlin, Cherrlyn, Samuel, Layla, Jireh, Jaylen, Hurley, Valerie, Faith, Claris and of course Timothy... 12 Mommies & 13 Kiddos... spelt like fun huh? It sure was... *wink*

The kids had a warm up session with a colouring activity and learning some different species of the owls.

And we had 2 finger plays that is related to Owls... watch to see the fun we've had... *smile* we then read the story "The Owl Babies"...with 3 sing along songs... this one was really fun... we sing as we read... I was reading the story so no pix on my reading again... ;)
And it was craft time... we made a paperbag Owl puppet. I do realize that the craft was far too challenging for the kiddos, notice all the mommies were the ones busy at work? whoopsy *blush* sorry Mommies, will definitely find something easier for the kids the next time round...While some of us were working hard on the crafts, some of the kids were having their own fun...such as Tim...he was busy cutting up the brown paper bag instead... *faint*We had something different this week...after weeks of baking... I have decided to change to something cold... ;) we had Konnyaku Jelly... the kids love it to bits... it's all wallop by the end of the session... isn't it great? *beaming*And this is the Tot Book I've prepared for the kids this week... we have fun facts about the owls, and the alphabet +shape+colour learning accordion minibook, colouring sheets and sort & match cards...


YM said...

Hi Pauline,
Wanted to re-join the playgroup, but I am still recovering from a bad flu and cough.
Hee, can I borrow your blog to saw hello to my cousin?
I only just realised Mommy Hurley is my cousin!

Hello Mommy Hurley,
This is Yee Mun, your cousin... Sophie's Mommy :)

karen said...

thks for the update!