Wednesday, August 06, 2008


(Backdated post: 2nd Aug 2008)
It was Little Missy's first birthday last Saturday...and we all decided to throw a birthday party for her with only our family... and it's great to see how far Little Missy have come since she was born one year ago...

Milestones achieved by Little Missy -
1) Able to walk 2-3 steps on her own without any aid
2) Her ability to mimic simply amuses us... she's able to say
- "mo-mo" = Elmo
- "no-more" = No more (complete with hand actions)
- "na-na" = Banana
- "je-je" = Jie Jie (my helper)
3) When she hears the song "if you're happy" she'll clap her hands
4) She knows how to bend her knees up and down (dancing) when she hears music
5) She exhibits her displeasure by pulling her brother's hair when he tries to snatch her toy away (sibling rivalry starts young)
6) She's able to point to/at things that she wants
7) She plays peek-a-boo with us by hiding herself; reappearing and saying "Boo"
8) She tries to mimic whatever her brother is doing eg. climb up onto a chair *faint*

I really can't believe it...and it's definitely a cliche to say "it all seemed like yesterday"... then again, all glory and honour goes to our Heavenly Father...for blessing us with such a wonderful bundle of joy... (while her brother was a bundle of love that was bestowed upon us).

I remember when I was expecting Joyce, everything went very smoothly for me... the journey throughout the pregnancy was so easy... morning sickness was not an issue, I didn't over-eat, I didn't gain as much weight as I did before... and most of all I was very energetic... I guess God must have known how miserable I was during my first pregnancy...*smile* even though Braxton Hicks hit me the second time round... I was able to manage it better... and the delivery was so fast that I didn't realise it... best of all... the baby was healthy and was able to go home together with me... it was definitely God's wonderful blessing to me...

Watching how happy and delightful my kids are everyday... has made my journey as a mother all worthwhile... I don't think this come by chance... I cannot account for the multiple times how God has blessed me in my journey as a mother but I am happy to be where I am and who I am today.

Looking in retrospect, the past 7 months as a SAHM has been tremendously blissful (will not trade this for the world - never)... and I am glad to have answered to God's calling to be a SAHM... ;)


Mother to Aidan Monster said...

Happy belated birthday to Joyce! The picture of her looking over you cutting her cake's so adorable! Praise be to our good LORD =)

Mommy Mash said...

she looks so cute in that dress! something u made for her?

off topic: reading ya post makes me feel kinda guilty. coz i have the 'luxury' to be sahm but here i am, starting to ponder if i should go back to work :(

Ing said...

Happy 1yo birthday to Little Missy! She has really grown under your care. :)

Mamamie said...

Happy Belated B'day to Little Missy...she's so adorable!

LZmommy said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Joyce! :)

Is that the dress you sew for her? :)

Joyce Long said...

Dear Pauline..Happy belated birthday to your precious Joyce..a great milestone for her..wish her happiness..healthy alwasy..and have a happy childhood..

Mama Bliss said...

Hello dear mommies, thanks so much for the birthday wish... :) and no, the dress that Little Missy was wearing isn't sewn by me... it was a gift... hopefully I'll be able to sew some decent dresses for Little Missy soon.... *smile*

J@n!ce said...

Happy birthday to your little Missy. I love her dress. :)

mamaseah said...

happy belated b-day joyce!

IChoose2FollowJC said...

Blessed Belated Birthday to Little Missy Joyce! May she grow in stature and faith!

Love Adena & Simon & Lisa