Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Collection of Her Smiles

Here's a montage I've put together for our Little Missy; to be exact this is her very FIRST montage I've created *sheepish* hope she won't get mad at me for being not as enthusiastic as when I was doing Tim's video when he was her age :P

Little Missy is fast approaching one year old and I (the slack mommy) haven't been faithfully updating her achievements and milestones... (how terribly lazy I've been *blush*)... and so here's an update for record sake...

8th Month old (April)
- she was able to pull herself up on a standing position independently
- crawl at lightning speed (as if she's in the commando unit)
- hold her own bottle to drink milk and water (with occasional flinging of milk bottles onto the floor)

9th Month old (May)
- she attempted to repeat after me, what I was teaching her to say, eg. Bread - Beh, Bye - bah bah, Ball - bah, Mommy - Mama, Milk - Mak Mak.
- she knows where the bananas are usually hung at (in our kitchen) and will look up at the bananas when we ask her where are the bananas
- she's able to wave bye to us with flying kiss
- she could self-feed with baby finger food
- we could see two of her lower central incisors cutting through (finally!)
- she's better at 'fighting' with her brother for a toy and will certainly scream in displeasure whenever her brother snatched her toy (*roll-eyes* - that marks the beginning of sibling rivalry)

Guess that's about all for now... till the end of this month... I shall update further... :)


Mamamie said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! Your children are so adorable & your bento looked so yummy...
Btw, I have added your blog to my link. Hope we can share some thoughts on motherhood experience.

mamabliss said...

hi there mamamie, thanks for visiting me here too... :) yes lets share more thoughts and experiences with each other and encourage each other along the way in motherhood ;)